Automating the test environment has a direct impact on the operating expenses of the lab.  People can schedule tasks overnight and even during the day, so they can focus on other tasks in parallel, increasing their efficiency.

While Service providers will have a different approach to automation than Equipment vendors or Certification labs, the Sparnex Instruments automation tools allow the user to combine the most effective pieces of the puzzle together.

For example in the setup below, the ASM 525 Automated Switching Module is combined with 2 LSX 2030 Line Simulator units and a TGA 10 Traffic Generator, hence providing test capabilities for up to 5 modems (over 2 separate busses on the ASM 525) to be connected to different DSLAM units.  This setup below enables users to test interoperability between their modems and various DSLAM types or even perform benchmark and performance testing of the solution that has been or will be deployed or may be experiencing issues with.

Possibilities are endless with the Sparnex Instruments automation tools! Contact an expert at Sparnex Instruments to help you further, or click here to configure your own test lab.

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  • b-ALTICa software to program all elements into one integrated automated lab test system
  • ICL SW:   Instrument Command Language for easy scripting of all Sparnex Instruments systems
  • DMS 192: an automated DSLAM or Modem simulator for any Standard DSL up to 192 ports
  • LSM 2030:  VDSL2 Loop Switch & Test Robot expandable with bridge taps and Noise Generator
  • LSM 2005:   xDSL Loop Switch & Test Robot expandable with bridge taps and Noise Generator
  • ASM 525:   Automated Switch Matrix for 2 parallel tests with external line simulators, with 5 to 5 inputs at both sides, and simultaneous back-to-back interoperability testing over the other ports
  • ASM 9696:  Expandable switch per each 10 ports 1 Line Simulator output, up to 96 to 96 ports
  • MLT 24 S: 24 line simulator system allows testing of any DSL technology up to VDSL2 with reach of 6km/19kft equipped with a switch of simultaneous 24 to 24 ports, expandable up to 768 ports.