LSX 2030 MA V

VDSL2 Line/Loop and Noise Simulation platform

The LSX 2030 is built for  Compliance & Benchmark testing according to WT-114 (VDSL2) and TR-100 (ADSL2plus).
The LSX 2030 is a single hardware platform that can be used as an ‘MA’ version or upgraded to an ‘EP’ version.
The MA version – Measure & Assure – is the hardware platform dedicated to one Standard or one specific DSL Test Setup. 
Optionally, the fully programmable Arbitrary Noise Impairment Generator ( the ANG 2005 or ANG 2030) can be provided as an integrated unit in the LSX 2030 MA that extends the LSX 2030 V to ADSL2plus or can be provided as a standalone unit.


THE LSX 2030 V in combination with LSX 2030 MA ENABLES SIMULATION OF:

  • Lines and loops according to the configured standard;
  • Insertion loss and line type parameter ranging from 0 dB to max. 245 dB at 1 MHz,
    125 dB at 2 MHz, 95 dB at 30 MHz
  • Propagation delay conform the selected Standard mentioned;
  • Complex impedance of the line in order to enable proper testing of analogue hybrid circuits (Analog Front End) and generation of the proper echo’s according selected standard
  • Sustains up to 400 VDC / 100 mA;
  • Bidirectional operation
  • Voice band passing DC also when used with full bandwidth 30 MHz
  • Noise floor -150 dBm/Hz


  • 2 x 2 Independent and user programmable noise generators and injectors
  • 7 simultaneous noise inputs/sources with NEXT, FEXT, User filters, amplifiers and programmable load per Injector
  • High Impedance Outputs, NT and LT side
  • Common/Differential mode injection in one unit and per injector
  • Crest factor for any combination of noise CF > 5 (programmable)
  • Programmable micro interruptions on both NT and LT side
  • Programmable RFI tones on each port, with variable WGN background noise
  • Internal noise clock/synchronization simultaneous with external TTL-clock input for second clock synchronization
  • External noise input with programmable common mode/differential coupling injection for 50 Ohm
  • Internal noise generator output per port up to 10V with selectable sampling rate up to 3,256 samples per second
  • Graphical output drivers and test report generator
  • Programmable loops, segments, bridge taps for noise injection according all Standards
  • Easy and fast integration into existing automation platforms, with competing line simulators drivers
  • Noise Import Software for customized noise models (PSD or time based) in CSV or DAT format Bandwidth ANG 2005 DC to 4,5 MHz, ANG 2030 DC to 35 MHz