TGA 10

Traffic Generator for DSL Physical Layer

Generates, monitors and captures Ethernet traffic up to Gigabit rate.
Solution for traffic generation for Performance and Functionality Testing


  • It is ideal for installation & maintenance, network commissioning, manufacturing, QA and R&D
  • It emulates end equipment or transmission network equipment
  • Performs functional test, regression test and stress test
  • Verifies conformance – verify if product meets standards
  • Verifies Interoperability – verify if products works with other products
  • Verifies performance – verify if product works under different traffic conditions
  • Troubleshoots - reduce costly recalls of bad equipment



  • 10/100/1000 Copper RJ-45 or Gigabit Fiber Auto-Negotiation Link
  • Half / Full Duplex
  • Individual RISC Processor on each Port
  • Traffic Generation up to 255 Full User Defined Streams Per Port
  • Millions of IP flows per Stream
  • Full Line Rate Traffic Generation, Monitoring and Analysis at Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Supports Layer 4 to 7 Testing
  • Stream Scheduler Up to 8K Per Port
  • 8 Unscheduled Insertion Frames Per Port
  • 8 Mbyte Full Line Rate Capture Per Port
  • Real Time Protocol Monitor
  • BERT – Bit Error Rate Test
  • Perform Simultaneous QoS Testing and Capture
  • QoS Testing with detailed Histogram Statistics to track 8K Streams

Each port has an RJ-45 for 10/100/1000 Mbps Copper and a SFP Socket for Gigabit Fiber (multi mode or single mode) with media connection auto-sense. The dual media interface provides a space saving cost effective solution for testing Ethernet. Each module generates, monitors and captures Ethernet traffic at Full Line rate.