ASM 9696

Automatic Switch Matrix

Modular VDSL2 and ADSL2plus Automatic Switch Matrix, designed for switching modems to DSLAM ports through a physical layer medium that represents the copper cable infrastructure.
Extreme high crosstalk separation with low effect on insertion loss of passed signals, while maintaining the impedance of the connected Device Under Test and connected to the line and noise simulator.


The ASM 9696 is the first switch in its kind that has been developed to connect voice channels in the frequency band from DC to VDSL2 (DC to 30MHz) with superior electrical channel separation which makes the system very suitable for maximum performance testing, while keeping the integrity of the Triple Play signals.
The module is designed to work as an integral part of the DSL Test Center that is based on the LSX 2030 xDSL test platform.

The DSL Test Center can be equipped with a modular DSLAM with capacity from 24 up to 96 ports; with the capability of handling an equal number of modems that need to be tested. An Ethernet multi-Gigabit interface at the DSLAM aggregate port to the individual outputs of the Ethernet ports at each modem allows the test engineer to check the modem and DSLAM on the physical layer performance.

If required it is possible to add a protocol layer test to investigate the interoperability among modems and DSLAM’s of different origins.

The unique broadband channel capacity designed to work up to 30 MHz makes the ASM 9696 the preferred choice of xDSL modem and DSLAM equipment manufacturers who are testing their new devices for Triple Play products in ADSL 2plus and VDSL2 against Standards, Customers specific test suites, new Software releases, and Quality Assurance Tests.