LSM 2030

Loop Switching Module - DSL Test Robot

Switch copper lines carrying xDSL signals.LSM 2030

Automatically configure LSX line segments according to either a user or one of the Standards configurations.



Like the LSX 2005, the LSX 2030 allows for up to 4 LSX Line Simulator Segments to be connected to a single LSM unit.  Up to 2 LSM units can be cascaded into a single test platform.  This provides the ability to create any loop configuration containing up to 8 segments (Bridged Taps or Loops).

Each LSM can be optionally equipped with an Arbitrary Noise Generator (ANG). Both cascaded LSM units can be equipped with a built-in ANG to provide for identical noise characteristics for HDSL or BONDING testing.

Additionally a card with multiple Bridged Taps can be built into the LSM, avoiding the use of an extra Line Simulator used for Bridged Tap only.


With the combination of the LSM, ANG and ICL-Server, one can build a fast and fully automated xDSL test platform.  

Seamless Integration

The LSM is designed to ensure seamless integration of the Sparnex LSX Suite for physical layer testing, using the customers’ existing test equipment for traffic generation, protocol testing and throughput verification.


  • Automation of DSL conformance and performance tests
  • Integrated with the Copper Network Builder (CNB) and or CNI software GUI
  • Programmed through the ICL-Server via LAN (10/100/1000baseT)
  • Fast integration with Agilent VEE, LabView, Tcl/Tk, Visual Basic, C++, etc.
  • Supports up to 8 LSX 2025, 8 LSX 2030 or a mixture of 8 segments (2 LSM units)
  • Integration of standard based Bridge Tap module
  • Possible to combine with the ANG 2005 and ANG 2030