Noise generators

 ANG 2005

 ANG 2030
Easily configurable, designed for testing all VDSL2 and xDSL modems’ noise immunity.

 An accurate programmable Sine Wave Generator that works with DLA and fits in DLA S

 A settable memory for pre-programmed Noises that works with DLA and fits in DLA S

 WGN 2
 A White Noise Generator up to ADSL2plus that works with all DLA products and fits in DLA S

 WGN 30
 White Noise Generator for VDSL2, programmable from -85 to -140 dBM/Hz, fits the DLA S

All technologies can be tested with fully automated DSL test platforms including programming of Standards, noise generators, DSLAM, Traffic Generator and Report Generators. Go to Automation or click here to configure your own automation platform.