LSX 2025

xDSL Line simulation platform for ADSL2plus and SHDSL

Any type of line or loop can be simulated with an unmatched accuracy, in just seconds.

The LSX is programmed by software that adjusts the hardware until network specific copper lines or loops are exactly reproduced.  Once a configuration is loaded, the user can individually adjust any of the parameters, such as length, temperature, dielectric, wire diameter and attenuation at any frequency.
By changing the parameter under study - while keeping all other parameters constant - one is able to test the limits of the xDSL modem technology on each individual parameter of the copper line.
Libraries of pre-programmed loop configurations and line types, including all ITU, ATIS, ETSI, Broadband Forum and other specifications can be provided. Country specific libraries are available for more than 50 countries and new country or customer specific libraries can be generated easily.

The Sparnex Line Simulator is future proof as it allows the user to create any new copper line model as defined by ITU, ATIS, ETSI, Broadband Forum, any operator, manufacturer or certification laboratory.


  • One system for testing all xDSL technologies up to 4.5 MHz.
  • Enables you to:
    • accurately replicate any line or loop as it occurs in the field (anywhere in the world)
    • test the actual limits in the field of your xDSL technology (performance testing)
    • test the compliance against ITU, ATIS, ETSI, Broadband Forum and other specifications
  • Delivers stable and consistent results regardless of temperature or ageing of passive components.
  • Standard line libraries ITU, ATIS, ETSI, Broadband Forum and others are available.
  • User friendly Windows-based Graphical User Interface.


  • Designed to test Performance (the transmission limit) of high bandwidth applications, as well as Compliance according to ITU, ATIS, ETSI, Broadband Forum and other specifications.
  • Lines can be retrieved from all above specifications or individually set according to the specific characteristics of the loop under study.
  • The AAC® technology creates the most reliable simulation environment and resolves the inconsistencies of passive components.
  • Line parameters are easily configured by the user.
  • Accurate  simulation of Propagation, Impedance and Group Delay, calculated on the basis of exact parameter settings.
  • Significantly more accurate on Mean Average Error (MAE) than passive xDSL test systems.