LSX 2020

World's first programmable, portable Line Simulator & Performance tester for xDSL

Testing Performance, Noise immunity, Crosstalk stability and Remote Powering functionality.
The classic among the analog experts and still very popular: program any line type at a touch of a button.


Thanks to the innovative Active Analogue Concept (AAC®), it is possible to precisely reproduce any line distance and any line characteristic in the lab just the way it behaves in the field and this without changing the hardware.

The LSX 2020 offers the ability to create lines of which all parameters can be configured in almost unlimited ways.

This way developers and manufacturers of xDSL chipsets, modules or modems can easily create any possible line in order to fine tune their products while operators can select the best performing transmission system for their different lines.

Lines can be simulated starting from Standard libraries - ETSI, ATIS, ITU, Broadband Forum - or by entering line parameters collected in the field.

An additional key benefit is the ability to vary one parameter while holding all the other parameters constant.

It is bidirectional and very accurately simulates the delays, which occur in reality. Furthermore, NOISE and NEXT can be programmed via the built-in generators or via the inputs for external sources.

Because of the fully configurable approach for any line setting, the LSX 2020 is the first line simulator which allows creating any test line in order to determine the maximum performance of a DSL transmission system.


  • AAC® simulator with fully programmable parameters.
  • Line characteristics (line-slope, copper resistance, cable length)
  • Attenuation at any sampling frequency
  • Noise
  • Crosstalk (NEXT)
  • Easy entry and storage of parameters.
  • Comprehensive User Interface with function, cursor, numerical keys
  • 8 lines by 40 characters LCD display
  • RS-232 interface for programming and backup via software.
  • Internal memory for storage of up to 100 typical lines