ASM 525

High Quality Switch for Labs up to 40 MHz

Switching xDSL modems to DSLAM ports.  High Crosstalk separation, extremely low Insertion Loss.  No effect on the Impedance of the connected DUT and high-end Line and Noise Simulator(s).


High quality switch for conformance, performance and Quality assurance

The ASM 525 switch is especially designed to cross connect Devices Under Test (DUT) in the DC to 40 MHz frequency band, with superior electrical parameters, like i.e. channel separation, etc. 

This makes the system very suitable for maximum DUT performance testing, while keeping the integrity of the Triple Play signals intact. 

The ASM 525 is designed to run 24/7 performance and compliance tests, guaranteeing the integrity of transmission signals in a controlled test environment.

The ASM is the first step towards consistent repeatability. It is also fully compatible with the new LSX 2030 Physical Layer platform for ADSL2plus and VDSL2.


  • Switching
  • Automation
  • 2 simultaneous connections
  • 5 inputs - 2 channels - 5 outputs
  • Superior electrical specifications
  • Compatible with b-ALTIC platform
  • ICL controllable, with script scenario’s
  • From DC up to 40 MHz
  • 19” Rack-mount / Standalone
  • Multiple simultaneous users
  • Test multiple DSL flavors concurrently