MCF 1.0

Mobile Cable Farm

Electronically controlled real cable system for performance and deployment testing.


The MCF 1.0 is specially suited for testing of DSL splitters, SELT & DELT, crosstalk, in-house wiring and home PNA, Ethernet, LAN capacity testing and any POTS related testing.

The Mobile Cable Farm is the first of its kind that allows DSL tests which are not possible with passive line simulators such as testing the effects of high voltage and current peaks.   
Though the system has been developed primarily for in-band and out-band testing of DSL related technology, this unit can be used for many other tests where passive line simulators cannot be used.
The main benefit of the MCF 1.0 is that it allows testing and monitoring of transmission technology and the effects of balanced and unbalanced copper inductors, while keeping the correct complex impedance characteristic and minimal distortion as found in real cables.    

The specially designed switching circuitry ensures high isolation of crosstalk between selectable cable sections in a frequency band from 100 Hz up to 35 MHz. The design of the MCF overcomes any additive inductive effect of the spooled cable as well as crosstalk.
The MCF 1.0 guarantees consistent and repeatable test results under a constant cable temperature of 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius).