Find an answer to any physical layer associated problem

Problems can be found in:

  • the communication between modem/setup device in the home (or office) and the DSLAM,
  • all Physical Layer parameters from an analog point of view measured in the frequency domain with spectrum/network analyzers, or in time domain with TDR technology,
  • other access technologies that might influence the speed and quality of the communication. 


LSC C2The Linescout product family is fully dedicated to Physical Layer testing. All possible test requirements for the Outside Plant installation and troubleshooting jobs are covered with easy-to-use and very complete handheld test equipment.





ICXACT™ Network Analyzer

Compared to other high-end sophisticated Network / Spectrum Analyzers, the new ICXACT is a portable easy-to-use Network/Spectrum Analyzer dedicated to DSL networks. 

With a noise floor of -160 dBm and its intuitive GUI, it can be operated by any technician.  This enables troubleshooting and Physical Layer characterization. The electrical behavior of the line along with any impairments are measured without in-depth competence about wireline and broadband technologies. All vollected information can be reproduced at a later point in time by one of the Sparnex Instruments laboratory Test & Simulation systems.