Replicating loops

Service Providers are testing DSL interoperability with conventional DSL Loop Simulators and attenuators.

The purpose of testing is directly related to the type of modems, DSLAMs and chipsets used in their network. However, these tests are not meant to qualify modems on their performance in live networks. The reason is that networks, cable characteristics and loop topologies are proprietary and always different from one country to the other. Sparnex Instruments programmable simulation platform is the ideal tool for setting up a reference in the lab. 

Service Operators will load the proprietary network characteristics from the LoopGrabber™ and NoiseGrabber™ database or they will program new physical layer parameters in the system.  A third way is based on measurements of real cables and noises in the network.

The only way to achieve a truthful replica of loops is to measure the subscriber lines with a Spectrum / Network analyzer.  

The ICXACT® is especially designed for that purpose:

  • ICXACT can be used by any technician - no special competence is required
  • ICXACT is auto-calibrating: baluns and references are built inside
  • measured data can be converted into LSX physical layer simulation files
  • spectrum analysis and network analysis include all parameters for truthful replica of the network under study

Visit the ICXACT page to learn more about this most interesting way to find the best performing products for the network where the products will be used later on.

Chip Designer and Equipment Vendors use this instrument to characterize proprietary Physical Layer test cases and will use it afterwards to test and prove product improvements.