DMS 192

A Multi-Port reference DSLAM Simulator for testing CPE devices.

DSLAM simulator providing 8 to 192 ports for testing ADSL2plus, SHDSL and VDSL2 CPE’s.
A cost effective solution for production grade and software interoperability testing, up to a maximum of 48 simultaneous CPE devices per blade.


The DMS unit is a stand-alone device, including controller and PC interface for automated testing and integration with the Multi-Channel Line Test-platform (MLT 24) or the Automatic Switching Module (ASM 525).

When combined with the MLT 24, it is the perfect solution for testing up to 24 CPE’s.  By connecting 8 MLT 24 units to the DMS, the maximum capacity of 192 ADSL2plus ports can be utilized.

It is possible to expand the DMS, which makes the DMS very suitable for large volume production testing.

The DMS can be combined with the TGA 10 Traffic Generator via a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port connection to complement and complete the test bench setup.


SYNCHRONIZATION TESTS - The DMS allows CPE manufacturers running tens to hundreds of CPE green-LED-synchronization tests simultaneously, for fast and adequate gabarit testing, before packaging.

BIT RATE TESTS - Bit rate can be displayed for each CPE. When used with the RTD, 2 test jigs per RTD 2 (or 4 per RTD 4) can be displayed.

Barcode reader & printer Interface - Every test bench can be equipped with Barcode Reader & Printer. Test results can be stored along with the associated CPE Serial Number, this allows for registration of performance parameters in the Acceptance Test and Service Administration System (ATSAS) database.