Combination of passive Line Simulators/attenuators in one shelf

This shelf allows the user to put multiple DLA units, of DLA 350 and DLA 200 type in one shelf, thus creating a multiple line segment simulation test bench.



  • The DLA S can accommodate DLA modules that are operated in a manual mode with rotary switches or DLA modules in the ‘A’ version which are remotely controllable. The DLA S comes with a common 110/220 VAC Power Supply which replaces the individual Power Supply of each DLA.
  • The DLA-S can hold 1 or 2 DLA modules which are controllable in a serial or parallel way for all type of DLA versions.
  • With a by-pass Crosstalk better than 100 dBm the DLA S can be used at VDSL2 data rates without introducing additional disturbers while maintaining the full integrity of the transmission signal. As such it will not influence the bitrate during the tests guaranteeing repeatability of the test results under all circumstances.
  • Optionally the unit can be extended with a five port entry for non-stop and automated verification testing purposes of up to 5 multiple modems and/or DSLAM ports.
  • Optionally the DLA S unit can be equipped with a 35 MHz white noise generator from -85 to -140 dBmHz
  • Optionally the DUT can be stressed with fast micro-interruption tests according to standards for ADSL, G.SHDSL, ADSL2plus and VDSL2