Service Providers

The Sparnex Instruments physical layer simulators are the only Broadband reference platforms in the world that are programmable with any cable characteristic! Service Operators select Sparnex Instruments for that specific reason as the modem access technology is tested with simulators that accurately reproduce the local cable characteristics giving them a realistic view on the performance that is to be expected in their network.

Service Operators can run specific tests in addition to standard compliance testing in order to allow them to deploy better products suitable for their network as well as to better verify software and hardware upgrades of DSLAM, DPU's and new modems according tests that mimic their very own network specific loops and noises.

It is possible to use the same Sparnex Instruments systems for all xDSL compliance and interoperability testing as well as for new transmission technologies like VDSL profile 35b, and G.mgfast.

Sparnex Instruments' added valueS for Service Providers

There is no alternative for testing how hardware and software performs in the presence of specific hurdles in the access network and home, than simulating as accurately as possible the typical Physical Layer, which is unique for every country in the world. Such performance tests can not be defined by Standard committees because they are unique for every country and every network.

With Sparnex Instruments the Service Provider has the choice out of over 300 local loop line types and unlimited local loop topologies as well as an impressive database of different noise files collected over the years in 55 countries.

If information on the loop characteristics is unknown, Service Providers can sample their network with our xDSL specific analyzer - the ICXACT - or apply for Sparnex Instruments Services to characterize the network including local loop, in-home wiring and in-home transmission technology like wireless or cable.

The ultimate goal is to make typical test cases that represent the real world in a realistic and reproducible way, and to use these test suites as an in-house proprietary test case to find the better broadband modem technology for the specific network of the Service Operator.

As such Sparnex Instruments is filling the gap between theoretical standard benchmark testing and testing real world performance that is to be expected in deployed networks.