Linescout®  C / C2+

Portable Chipset Independent DSL Link Tester for ADSL/ADSL2plus (C) and VDSL2 (C2+)


Test any ADSL/ADSL2plus link between modems and DSLAM’s.  Configurable as either a modem (ATU-R) or a DSLAM (ATU-C), providing the ability to test either side.
The Linescout C2 is an easy to operate test tool for field technicians and installation companies who can use it to quickly verify the link and collecting maximum Up- and Downstream data speeds, independent of the modem / DSLAM chipset under test.


The C2 is designed to be cost effective, rugged and easy to use. It provides all the features a technician requires during the process of installation or trouble shooting a DSL service.  Since the C2 is a chipset independent test tool, it is possible to run tests with all supported standard ADSL flavors available on the market today.  Unlike most testers of this kind, no special knowledge is required to use the instrument.  It is a test-and-go approach that allows for quick verification of the information needed to validate a DSL link, however, a lot of additional useful information is available and can be made visible a few clicks away from the main menu, in order to allow for further investigation of the link and re-test with new speed and software settings.  The all-in-one approach of the Linescout C2 turns the instrument into an indispensible tool for every DSL technician.  At an affordable price it is the preferred solution of the technician involved with DSL services.

DSLAM or modem Test - The unit works fast and is very simple to use.  Installation time is kept to a minimum, since the unit can be set as a DSLAM or modem, without needing any hardware changes.  As such it is possible to test the service to the modem before the DSLAM is on-line, to check the DSL link from the customer premises to the DSLAM, prior to installing/activating the modem.  Pre-deployment tests can be expanded with an option for a double check with a loop attenuation reference, usable at both sides of the connection. Information like SNR, Power, QLN are made visible on the screen. In presence of noise, the tester will give information on the CRC errors, FEC and HEC.  Additional information on NEAR & FAR END signal loss is indicated with parameters like LOS, LOF, LPR or LPO.  System failure due to an initialization error is also indicated with the standardized parameter: Lineinit.

IP throughput Testing - The higher layers can be tested with IP PING feature in PPPoE, PPPoA or LLC bridge mode compliant to RFC 1483/2684, RFC 2516 and RFC 2364.  TX and RX packages are counted, with delay and average time.

Test results storage & viewing - All test results can be stored for each test and made available on a PC via the Ethernet port.  On-board memory in the C2 provides place for up to 100 test results.  In addition, one can make the link visible via software that can display the bitload and the other measurement results in real-time for further analysis or for documentation attached to the installation completion files at the moment customers are put in service.

Batteries - The Linescout C2 is a portable test unit with built-in rechargeable LiPo batteries. These allow for 4+ hours of continuous testing in fully loaded status, reached after a 12-hour charging cycle.  Low battery status is indicated and gives 15 minutes spare-time use.  AC power supply can also charge the batteries.