Certification labs

Certification labs are primarily involved with interoperability, certification and benchmark testing, according to Standards.

Testing different product combinations to the standards for multiple geographical regions turns testing into a complicated matter. If the test systems are not the same this might become a nightmare for the test lab.
Therefore the Sparnex Instruments products are the preferred choice since the platforms are programmable for any Standard and test results are repeatable at all times.certification platform

Now the new generation of Sparnex Instruments can clone other DSL Loop Test & Simulation systems that were used 20 and more years ago, it is obvious that Sparnex Instruments enables independent test labs to maximize their investments in laboratory Test and Simulation equipment.  This increases the lifespan without loss of efficiency and usability for testing and certifying legacy and new DSL technologies. 

ITL and Certification labs play an important role in the broadband industry. They test and certify new gateways, routers, bridges and modems with DSLAM, DPU and servers according applicable Standards. Therefore these labs ask for:

  •   very accurate physical layer simulators
  •   multi-standard & flexibility
  •    repeatable and comparable test result reporting
  •    programmable for many different test suites
  •    high stability of the physical layer simulator under all operating temperatures
  •    automated and fast re-programming
  •    24 x 7 operational

The new generation of LSX Sparnex Instruments meets all these requirements.