Our Services

Sparnex Instruments is a spin-off of the Sparnex Engineering group Sparnex n.v.  The group celebrates its 30th year of existence in 2009.

The focus of Sparnex Instruments is on Physical Layer Simulation for qualifying access products, as well as testing the higher layers under real live deployment conditions.
Service Operators, Equipment Vendors and Test Labs rely on Sparnex Instruments as their partner for setting up test suites, automation, custom field testing, on-line test assistance, Physical Layer characterization and modeling, chipset performance testing, splitter testing, custom engineering testing.
Servicing the Hardware
Extended warranty and update contracts ♦ Carry-in/Stand-by hardware contracts ♦ Calibration Service contracts ♦ All-In contracts ♦ Upgrades ♦ On-line Software implementation assistance.
Servicing the Software 
  • Since Sparnex Instruments Test & Simulation platforms are all programmable platforms, test suites, standards and proprietary tests are software based: upgrading of test systems is a matter of loading libraries and coefficients.
  • Pre-defined test suites can be chosen from a list of application software's.
  • New recommendations from the Standard Committees are available days after they are published.
Rentals / Lease of systems