THE Company

Founded in 1979 the Sparnex Engineering group designed worlds' first DSL chipset in 1991, the corner stone of what became the Internet.
Sparnex Instruments is a spin-off of Sparnex nv.

The company designs, manufactures and supports high-end test and simulator systems for qualifying broadband access products with focus on Phytrx physical layer related connectivity issues. The quality of OTT, IOT, Broadcasting, Gaming, Voice, high-speed bi-directional (a-)symmetric data-transmission is tested in worlds' Layer 1 Competence Center for transmission technologies over copper twisted pair, copper coax, copper electricity cable in real-time real-world broadband network simulation platforms that mimic any Use Case as well as Standard Certification Referenced Use Cases with high-end fully programmable physical layer simulator platforms, - the only ones in the world !

Service Operators, Equipment vendors, chip designers and Certification labs rely on Sparnex Instruments physical layer simulation and testing technology to check in the lab the effect and stability of the network when impedance varies, signals attenuate and latency/delay occurs in data-transmission networks over fiber, copper and wireless on each of the OSI layers in a real-world simulated condition.

Agents, distributors and Sparnex Instruments technical staff and experts are servicing the customers worldwide.

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