Installation Companies

Installation companies are after easy to use testers which give them the information required by the Service Operator. 

The installer has different tasks compared to a DSL engineer, but still is supposed to perform tests for putting into service a complex and sophisticated transmission technology like ADSL2plus and VDSL2 for application like IPTV and VOIP.

The Linescout® product family of Sparnex Instruments is a range of innovative, simple to use testers for measuring the speed and quality of the DSL service with focus on the physical layer issues.

Sparnex Instruments first goal is to provide the DSL industry with answers to any physical layer related issue.

This includes the communication between modem/setup device in the home or office and the DSLAMs, as well as all physical layer parameters from an analog point of view measured in the frequency domain with spectrum/network analysis, or in time domain with TDR technology, as well as any other access technology that might influence the speed and quality of the communication.

The Linescout product family provides the installer with a complete set of installation tools. This will cover jobs like:

  • installation of broadband access devices
  • trouble shooting
  • characterization of problems
  • reference tests
  • service commission installation orders

Surf to the Linescout area to find out how installation companies can benefit from the Sparnex Instruments 30 years of competence in physical layer issues.