MLT 24

24 Channel xDSL Line Simulator

Fast and reliable simultaneous testing of multiple devices.
Cost effective solution for production testing of software and or hardware interoperability. 
Providing switching, bridging and concentration functionality with 24 discreet inputs and outputs.


  • The MLT 24 is a multi channel xDSL Line Simulator with integrated port access switching.
  • Handles all DSL technologies up to VDSL2 profile 30a, with one and the same system
  • MLT can provide unsurpassed automation capabilities to volume production testing.
  • MLT can also serve as a significant addition to the DSL lab for interoperability testing, as well as desktop testing.
  • Each line can simulate up to 6 km (19,500 ft) of 26 AWG or 0.4 mm cable.
  • 32 units can be cascaded providing up to 768 ports making the MLT very suitable for high volume quality control production testing. Largest installation provides 1200 ports.
  • Equipped with the industry standard TELCO 50 connector it enables the user to run tests in a fully automated mode via scripts. The high capacity is reached by simply adding additional units, controlled through TCP/IP or the RS-232 communications port.
  • The MLT is configurable so that when performing “Fast testing”, a single line length is setup for each channel within the MLT.
  • “Extensive testing” allows for multiple line lengths per channel configured consecutively in an automated fashion in the MLT.
  • LOAD TEST - The MLT 24 can check how robust the connection is between modem and DSLAM
  • Randomized Micro-Interruptions and programmable loop lengths.
  • 2 outputs for external Loop Simulators and noise generators for Standard Compliance testing
  • multi-channel crosstalk testing with multi-channel Linescout® Decca simulator (24 channels)