Broadband TestCenter™

Sparnex Instruments products are dedicated to test, simulate and generate all aspects of the Physical Layer (Layer 1) for testing compliance, benchmark and performance of Access Products CPE's and DSLAM's as well as testing the performance of the higher layers 2-7 under realistic Physical Layer deployment conditions.

Engineering, Measuring, Testing and Assurance of telecommunication services is generally divided into 2 worlds: the Physical Layer (OSI layer 1) and the OSI layers 2-7.  The upper layers are for the software experts and is a 'time domain' issue, while transmission on the Physical Layer is an electrical issue.

The Broadband TestCenter of Sparnex Instruments is unique in a way that both the Physical Layer and layers 2-7 are linked: layers 2-7 can be tested under ideal transmission conditions as well as under the realistic Physical Layer conditions of a deployed network. Toggling between theoretical, Standard Interoperability and real world proprietary Physical Layer characteristics allow for realistic performance testing.
Sparnex Instruments is the only company in the world with programmable Physical Layer broadband simulators. Service Providers want to program their unique Physical Layer characteristics in order to test access hardware and software under conditions that mimic their very own proprietary network issues.