DLA 350

35 MHz VDSL2 Line Simulator/Attenuator

Automated Interoperability, Production & Multi-pair Testing.
Software & Compliance Verification.
The DLA 350 is a portable and standalone module that can also fit in a 19” shelf, thanks to its ultra compact design.  


  • The DLA 350 is a precision Line Simulator/Attenuator, which is designed for use in product qualification, validation and in manufacturing VDSL2 products, according Standards compliant attenuation values of 26 AWG or 0,4 mm cables.
  • The operation is performed manually from the front, with selection keypad for distance settings or via RS-232 remote control.
  • The DLA-350 can be integrated in a standard 19” sub-rack that can accommodate up to 8 units.
  • The system is also available as a small stand-alone desktop model.
  • Options:
    • The DLA product range can be expanded with a -85 to -140 dBm/Hz White Noise Generator, for verification testing.
    • The unit can be extended with 2 or 5 DUT inputs, for non-stop and automated verification testing of multiple modems and/or DSLAM ports.
    • The DUT can be stressed with Micro-Interruption tests according to the Standards for ADSL, SHDSL, ADSL2plus and VDSL2 in TR-60, TR-67, TR-100, TR-105 and WT-114.
  • The DLA 350 has a Mean Average Error (MAE) better than 1dB.
  • The unit can be used for attenuation corresponding to incremental cable lengths of: 250 feet for USA market or 50 meters for European and Asian market, up to 3.000 meter. In combination with the DLA 200 this can be extended up to 8.000 meters.