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The new generation of Sparnex Instruments Physical Layer Test & Simulation platforms make it possible to install one hardware platform that is the same hardware worldwide. 

Sparnex Instruments makes test results repeatable, comparable and consistent under all controlled circumstances, and signs for it.

The LSX systems are significantly more accurate than the former generation of DSL Loop Simulators. Up to VDSL2 systems are adjustable in steps of 1,5 meter or 5 feet.

It is the only system on the market that provides independent Physical Layer parameter adjustments, giving engineers the possibility to maintain one parameter constant while varying others.

Our latest generation of LSX test platforms covers the voice band and exceeds the noise floor requirements for all standards compliance testing.

Specific test cases that mimic the customer's problem can be exchanged thanks to the programmable Sparnex Instruments test platform. It allows for trouble-shooting and product improvements in your lab instead of the customer's lab.

Testing various product combinations to the Standards for multiple geographical regions, turns testing into a complicated matter. If the test systems are not the same this might become a technical nightmare for the test lab manager.

Therefore the Sparnex Instruments LSX product range is the ultimate choice over other solutions, since the LSX platforms are programmable for any Standard and test results are repeatable at all times.

What is the good news with Sparnex Instruments FOR chip designers?

'Interoperability', 'Compliance' and 'Benchmark' testing is one thing, 'Performance' testing is another.

  • Sparnex Instruments is programmable for any test suite and any test setup, easy and fast (seconds)
  • The system allows for varying any physical line parameter individually and separately
  • It is a self calibrating and extremely stable Physical Layer simulator
  • All LSX systems are based on the same analog hardware, with impressive dynamic range that is many dB's more than what the best transmission technology currently can use
  • It can clone the classic DSL Loop Simulators
  • It has an excellent by-pass crosstalk separation better than 100 dB
  • The internal noise floor is -150 dBm/Hz allowing tests under ideal transmission conditions
  • Better and more accurate performance ranking supported
  • Fast and intuitive programmability
  • Pre-programmed for automation by Sparnex Instruments
  • It can be integrated with other test equipment thanks to Sparnex Instruments Services and ICL programming and scripting features

The Physical Layer is the weak part of the access network, and in spite of promising new technologies using wireless, coaxial, fiber of power line technology there are 250 million DSL subscribers increasing with 10 million every quarter (of 1,3 billion). There is still a huge market for excellent performing DSL technology.

Sparnex Instruments enables developing and ranking DSL products, because it can precisly reproduce Physical Layer issues, resulting in a better analysis of the problem.

Sparnex Instruments Test & Simulation solutions are better than the technology under test!