Equipment vendors

The LSX is a world class innovative Test & Simulation solution for DSL interoperability, compliance and benchmark testing of network access products.

  • Anywhere in the world the Sparnex Instruments' solutions are used, the hardware of the Sparnex Instruments solution is always the same for various DSL technologies, test jobs and applications. In customers' or suppliers' labs, using the Sparnex Instruments solution, the problem of repeatable and comparable results is resolved.
  • An additional benefit of the LSX programmability is the ability to clone other DSL Loop Simulators.
  • LSX systems do not need calibration for obtaining equal results at all times.

These major benefits free lab managers from the uncertainty of their test setups in their own labs as well as in those of their clients.

Get a higher product ranking thanks to Sparnex Instruments!

Sparnex Instruments best-in-class Test & Simulation products provide your lab with a label of quality and performance.  'Tested with Sparnex Instruments'  is a guarantee for getting approvals and product quality awareness.

Use one platform for all xDSL testing!

It is possible to use a single LSX Sparnex Instruments test platform for all xDSL compliance and interoperability testing.