ICXACT® 1.1 - 2.0

Non-Intrusive Network, Spectrum & Communication Analyzer

Comprehensive xDSL analyzer for compliance and

performance tests in the field and the lab.
Compatibility with the high-end product range of Sparnex’ LSX 2030 EP turns the ICXACT into an indispensable tool for Service Operators, Network Designers and anybody involved in Quality Assurance.


It is the first analyzer in its kind that gives a full report on all analog information of the DSL layer between modem and DSLAM.

The unique combination of spectrum and network analysis capabilities, makes this tester the preferred tool of the equipment manufacturer and DSL development groups.  They use the ICXACT to debug and improve the data throughput up to the limits imposed by the Physical Layer, while adhering to the recommendations as set by the national Spectrum Regulator and the international Telecommunication Bodies.  Service Providers are using it to probe the quality of the service over the network.

The ICXACT can be used as a stand-alone tester or an integral part of the DSL Test Platform that is based on the LSX 2030 xDSL test platform.