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tEST Products:

DLA 351 Gf
Broadband Performance Test Reference

Automated Central Office Configurator

MLT 24
Production & Repair test center

CTX 300 / 500
Coax - Twisted Pair convertor

• / G.mgfast DPU
DPU Reference System 



Broadband Forum

ITU-T Standards






Telecom Lab SDK Software  
Services and Simulators  

CPE, Gateway, Router, Server ...

Internet Access Certification Platform

  Golden Reference ITU-T/ETSI/BBF/IEEE
Phytx Broadband Communication Standard
SPE / xDSL / Eth / / G.mgfast / PoE / PLC / MoCA / DOCSIS




Industry Reference bench for Broadband Performance testing

DLA351 Gf

Cable/coax – twisted pair – Cat 5/6 – Electricity wires

Testing performance of SPE,, G.mgfast, xDSL, VDSL2, GHNA


Testing solutions for broadband services

Qualify access products to assure highest quality and speed of Broadband Connectivity. 

b-ALTIC MLT 24 - Multi Line Testing with Noise Distribution SolutionsLSX 2030 - Line Simulation Solutions 30 MHzASM 525 - Automation solutionsICXACT - Network/Spectrum Analyzer SolutionsDMS 192 - Reference DSLAM SolutionsG.Hn - Home Network Wiring & PLC Testing

Sparnex Instruments Test & Simulation products are best-in-class
to improve and assure the quality and speed of broadband networks.