Troubleshoot DSL Problems

More than ever the Service Providers are after solutions to improve the Quality of Service (QoS). The demarcation point is moving upwards to the desktop, introducing a wide variety of new problems, which are difficult to detect, to monitor and to prevent.  Chasing the DSL problem has become a matter for physical layer experts.

  • Check the Linescout® C2 for ADSL/ADSL2plus: it talks to any DSLAM or MODEM
  • Check the Linescout® C30 for VDSL2: it checks maximum Up- and Downstream (Coming soon!)
  • Check the Linescout® Decca or Compact: it checks the Crosstalk (Coming soon!)
  • Check the ICXACT®: it measures the spectrum and the transmission of signals
  • Replicate DSL problems in the laboratory exactly as found in the field!
  • Find out with the communication analyzer why systems are not synchronizing!
  • Change the physical layer parameters until stable transmission can be achieved!
  • Ask for an expert in Physical Layer issues!