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 PLS 2014-16

PLS 2014-M


In-home Wiring & Noise Simulation

The next big challenge for the suppliers of Broadband Services is finding an answer on how to cope with the in-home wiring and disturbers in order to prevent the churn cost of unhappy customers who move to alternative carriers as of poor quality of the delivered Broadband Services.

Sparnex Instruments is the only company in the world that can re-program the physical layer conditions in their test platform in order to improve products and software to tackle the new type of problems associated with services like IPTV, VoIP and Gaming in the homes.

The new in-home wiring simulation system is unique in a way that pre-configured test scenario's are stressing the Service like experienced in live networks. Sparnex Instruments has an extensive library of different type of problems that can be loaded on their test platform depending on the type of connection, type of service, and type of access technology used in the local loop and the home.  These test systems can be used to test the access products CPE's, DSLAMs and Software's, as well as the higher layers 2-7 to stress the application with real live network simulation scenario's. 

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