Testing BROADBAND Chip Technology

The new high-end LSX test and simulation platform that tests the performance of chipsets is designed by engineers who were analog chip designers in their former professional. The LSX is unique in a way that the physical layer parameters are programmable.

Generally known as 'a 0,4 mm PE' or '26 AWG'  a wireline is defined by 7 parameters, going from the quality of the copper up to its changing  behavior under different temperatures. Within Europe there are more than 10 different types of 0,4 mm PE, as well as there are more than 10 different types of 26 AWG in the USA.  These variables are not taken into account in the Standards because Standards are made to reach interoperability and to set a benchmark.  The added value of using the Sparnex Instruments systems is in its ability to test performance of chipsets according to realistic field conditions as found in live deployed networks.

The Sparnex Instrument physical layer simulators allow for accurate measurements of the performance of chipsets under different real live test scenario's, as well as under variable environmental conditions. 

The Live Performance Chipset Test Suite is complementary to the standard testing allowing Service Operators, Chipset Vendors and Equipment Vendors to rank DSL chipsets in terms of true performance under real live working conditions.