Sparnex instruments

Troubleshoot DSL Problems

More than ever the Service Providers are after solutions to improve the Quality of Service (QoS). The demarcation point is moving upwards to the desktop, introducing a wide variety of new problems, which are difficult to detect, to monitor and to prevent.  Chasing the DSL problem has become a matter for physical layer experts.

  • Check the Linescout® C2 for ADSL/ADSL2plus: it talks to any DSLAM or MODEM
  • Check the Linescout® C30 for VDSL2: it checks maximum Up- and Downstream (Coming soon!)
  • Check the Linescout® Decca or Compact: it checks the Crosstalk (Coming soon!)
  • Check the ICXACT®: it measures the spectrum and the transmission of signals
  • Replicate DSL problems in the laboratory exactly as found in the field!
  • Find out with the communication analyzer why systems are not synchronizing!
  • Change the physical layer parameters until stable transmission can be achieved!
  • Ask for an expert in Physical Layer issues!