UIMC 2000

Universal Impedance convertor

The UIMC 2000 can be used to realize level adapted impedance conversion at the end of lines. For sending and receiving direction there are two independent channels. Measuring bridges for unbalance attenuation measurements and return loss measurements are available. At the front panel jacks are placed for using the sending and receiving impedances separately for other purposes, too. Furthermore it is possible to connect external sending and receiving impedances. In the sending channel there is a dialing tone generator for setting-up. All adjusted parameters will be displayed graphically in an LC-Display. The parameters can be adjusted manually or by means of soft keys or IEEE- bus control. More than 100 parameter sets can be named, stored and retrieved.


  • Input impedance sender 50 W or 600 W
  • Serial resistor 50 – 501 W step size 1 W
  • Parallel resistor 0 – 2046 W step size 1 W
  • Parallel capacitor 1 – 511 nF step size 1 nF
  • Amplification/ loss will be adjusted corresponding to the chosen line
  • 19" case with 4HU‘s