MIG 1001

Meter pulse Signal Generator

This unit contains a pulse generator and a metering signal generator.

By combining these two functions in one unit, is perfectly possible to create packages of different meter pulses.  The generator creates signals with 12 kHz and 16 kHz.  Therefore it is possible to use the unit for testing meter pulse receivers with different technical characteristics.


Generates a settable amount (n) of pulses with settable pulse-duration (Ti) and settable pause-length (TP).  The values are as follows:
n = 0 ... 9999
Ti = 0 ... 9999 msec.
Tp = 0 ... 9999 msec.
The values will be set by means of a separate four-digit thumbwheel switch for each setting.  The valid counting of the pulse-series in progress can be seen on a four digit LED.  The pulse-series may start - settable by a switch - with the pulse duration or the pause.  Starting can be achieved by a pushbutton or an external trigger signal.  The pulse series will stop after reaching the preset value or by using the stop button.  If the stop signal occurs during a pulse duration, the pulse will be transmitted without shortening.  By these means no pulse transmitting will be displayed by two LEDs. 

The following outputs are available:

  • one relay change-over-contact  (125 VDC, 1,25 A)
  • one ground based solid state contact  (200 VDC, 4A)
  • one relay controlled metering signal


The metering signal generator has two generators. One produces a sinusoidal 12 kHz signal and the other one a signal with a frequency of 16 kHz.  The output level can be selected in three separate fixed steps of 22 dB. In each range the output level can be fine-tuned by using a potentiometer.
The output level can be adjusted from zero to full range.  The output impedance can be set to 0 Ohm and 200 Ohm respectively.
According to the specification 12 TR 21 section 5.01, for high output level (> 0 dBm) an impedance of about 0 Ohm and for low level (< 0 dBm) an impedance of 200 Ohm is required. 
The output amplifier is protected against shortening and has a thermal protection.  The maximum output current is 40 mA at 200 Ohm internal resistance. 

The output frequency of the 16 kHz part can be selected in three steps to allow the following measurements according to the Telecom Regulation 1 TR 2. Part 3.1.:

  • above 16 000 Hz - 80 Hz
  • center 16 000 Hz
  • down 16 000 Hz + 80 Hz