AMS 1000

PSTN Platform

A fully integrated voice terminal test system according recommendations of American, European, Japanese, Chinese or any country specific requirement.  

The AMS is designed to cover a wide range of test applications, either analogue or digital, DECT or all in combination.

With a modular architecture in both software and hardware new test boards or software may be added - the system can easily be adapted to various applications for European and International Standards and requirements.

The AMS is fully menu-driven, subroutines particular to a test or part of a test may be linked together using a built-in macro control program. So the operator can individually handle the system according to his own needs. A wide range of parameter settings and the various interfacing allows a quick and flexible adaptation to other standards and applications. Operation is flexible. Measurements may be made manually (single test case) or fully automated as a user-definable sequence of test cases and individual test report generation.

The documentation of test results can be done in form of graphics print out, tables or file export to a hard disk or floppy disk. The saved files can be processed by the various word processors MS-WORD & WORD PERFECT and the like. A Macro for the system is available for MS-WORD.


  • Testing of analogue and digital telephones (PSTN)
  • Non-voice equipment (PABX, FAX)
  • Conformance Testing
  • Laboratory measurements (R&D) Quality assurance


  • Conformance and experimental test modes
  • Hard- and software application modules
  • Complete measurements for analogue terminal equipment ( DTMF, electric transmission measurements, dialing measurements (pulse MFPB) ringer- and signal tone generation, meter pulse generation, feeding, networking and terminating)
  • Acoustic tests of analogue and digital telephones,
  • Evaluation of transmission characteristics, loudness rating, sensitivity and handsfree performance acc. to ETS 300245.
  • DIN 44013 measurements acc. to OREM B Reference Equivalents, OREM A optional.
  • ISDN-Interfaces SO, UPO with EURO-ISDN, 1 TR6 and user-definable protocols G 703, V11, V 24
  • VME-Bus system with built-in operating system, integrated hard disk and floppy-disk. PCMCIA RAM card (optional)
  • PC-MS DOS compatible data exchange, ASCII or pixel-format for spreadsheet programs and word processors
  • Flexible, user configurable software with very detailed online help facilities and documentation
  • High accuracy system with various autotest- and calibration routines. Calibration Service acc. to DIN/EN 45001
  • IEEE- Interface, RS232, printer port, VGA display, keyboard
  • The modularity of the system provides the user not only with flexibility with respect to applications but also with the possibility to grow with the system and extend performances according to increasing or changing recommendations. Customer needs can be implemented on demand.