Testing DSL / Voice Splitters

The demarcation point has moved upwards into the home since the Service Providers deliver services to the desktop. Services like IPTV and GAMING are very much depending on the quality of in-home networks and are sensitive to disturbers that might cause unacceptable interruptions deteriorating the quality of the service delivered at the door. For that reason the effect of splitters on the performance of DSL has become a major issue. More than ever the Service Providers are concerned about the nature of specific problems on the physical layer that differ from country to country and network to network. Sparnex Instruments' 30 years of experience in physical layer has resulted in a range of sophisticated programmable test and simulation solutions that mimics accurately these problems allowing Service Providers to qualify the best possible solution that guarantees them the ability to deliver a high Quality of Service (QoS) to their customers.

The new generation of the Sparnex Instruments splitter testers is especially designed to avoid that Loop Simulators influence the test results in order to test DSL up to its true limits in presence of splitters stressed with ring currents from phone sets and other in-home disturbers.

Sparnex Instruments Splitter Test System SFT-127